Internet Marketing for Serious Online Business Startups

The purpose of this website is to help you, using the techniques of internet marketing, to start your online business.
Whatever niche you're in, you'll need to know and use those techniques. You need to know and use them for
everything from attracting targeted leads to delivering your product or service. It's not for people looking for get-rich-
quick methods or a business-in-a-box. When you avoid those, you can build a real business. This website will enable
you to keep your focus on your own business and develop your knowledge of internet marketing.

You'll see here when you read through the articles that it does not follow the usual advice to newbies (so-called) of internet marketing: spacing out their content and keeping paragraphs and sentences short. I'm doing this deliberately because I only want people who have a serious intent to create their business. Those willing to read through the usually long articles will be more persistent and be looking for long-term solutions.

You can find plenty of quick tactics all over the web which are usually to do with internet marketing tricks and loopholes. For example, how to trick search engines to believe your content is your own and is unique. But the search engines are getting better and better every day at finding such tactics. Just witness the recent (and on-going) changes at the time of writng, whereby businesses have been stopped in their tracks or seriously affected. As well as fitting with my values, that's why I'm aiming to provide you with evergreen information, knowledge and techniques, or as near as I can make it that way. So that if you return after a long time, the articles will still be relevant and useable to your benefit.

My aim is also to provide you with as good quality and informative articles as I can without any article being overwhelming. I might write an article and decide it's not good enough to put on the site. So, I welcome any responses to them.

Internet marketing has often been compared to one big jigsaw. If you put all the pieces together, then you inevitably
have success. Often, customers are not given all the pieces. People find themselves scrambling around from product to product or marketer to marketer to pick up what pieces they can find. This leads to confusion and, at the same time, a feeling of being overloaded with information. That overload feeling comes from not being able to put what pieces they have, together coherently and systematically. In fact, without having fundamental ideas about what actions to take, any pieces they pick and do fit together still produce limited results.

I've been in that situation, with a feeling of being in a total maze too, seemingly without any way out. On top of that, I've come across completely contradictory information and advice from different marketers about exactly the same internet marketing topic or problem. The realization came that they were merely saying what they were saying as they were promoting a product related to their view, and that you really do have to be your own resource in making decisions as you think, plan and take action in your business.

In any case, there is always variation in an area of knowledge, especially practical knowledge. There are different opinions and points of view, and people find some things work for them but not for other people. So, your greatest resource is yourself. How you make judgements of what to do for your business, based on the knowledge and results you have, means your business will be unique. Even in the same niche what works for you may not work exactly the same for someone else. The business is a reflection of you and your values.

I have divided the information into categories, as you can see down the right hand side. You can pick and choose
however you want to work your way through it. It's whatever suits you best and how you go about learning internet

If you want to suggest topics for articles, for products, or ask me questions, just go to the Contact Me page.

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To your success,

Joe Fuller

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